Sahi - Que es lo nuevo en Sahi Pro v7.0.0

Acaba de salir la versión de Sahi Pro v7.0.0

Key Features

Support for Add-ons

Sahi Pro can be extended to work with technologies other than browsers using Add-ons.
Scripts use _setMode with multiple modes to interact with applications.
Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on has been released with v7.0.0 with support for Windows and Java applications.

REST Client UI

REST Client UI helps to work easily with REST APIs. It gives a graphical user interface to create scripts
to interact with REST APIs, add assertions etc.

Javascript Code Coverage Reports

It is now possible to get Javascript Code Coverage metrics of web application. Reports are generated with function and decision point metrics and available with Sahi's suite reports.
This has been described in detail here.

Script name, testcase name in tags

In scenario files (.s.csv) and data driven suite files (.dd.csv), user can run specific script by specifying script name or testcase name in tag field under playback properties in editor playback, for details click here.

Artifacts and screenshots available in offline reports

Now artifacts and screenshots appear in offline reports.

Evaluate Expression

Now user can write a script snippet in evaluate expression ant run it. It has ability to select different mode. This has been described in detail here.


While creating function from editor user can add JsDoc in script. This has been described in detail here.

New APIs

  • _setWaitTimes: Allows to set page, AJAX and flex wait times during script execution.

Modified APIs

  • _typeKeyCodeNative: The new implementation enables the user to type all the characters which has a KeyEvent and ASCII code associated to it.
  • _writeCSVFile: The new implementation enables the user to force strings to be inside quotes in the csv file. Empty cells at the end of rows are not trimmed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed SSL certificate issues in Chrome 58+.
  • API - Fixed _stopTestCase API (it was highlighted with red color in logs previously).
  • API - Fixed _assertSnapShot issue where the selected element alone was not captured in the screenshot
  • Fixed use of square brackets in string, as an argument, inside a scenario file which was not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed path for keyCode_combinations.txt in _typeKeyCodeNative.
  • Fixed assertions in java controller.
  • Fixed navigateTo not recording in java controller.
  • Fixed the issue of Web Title changing from "Editor - file name" to "Editor - file's full path" after renaming or deleting nodes in editor.
  • Fixed recording with anchor button on click in applet from java controller.
  • Fixed recording for popup in java controller for web application.
  • Fixed issue of script containing special characters not launching in editor, though it was recording correctly from controller.
  • Fixed issue of expectPrompt and expectConfirm step (recorded as previous step) showing blank line in Java controller's - recorded steps.
  • Fixed appendToScript not working in java controller.
  • Fixed controller's evaluate expression in case of special characters in popup's title (Both Sahi & Java controller).
  • Fixed adding tag in s.csv file which needed editor's reload.

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